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Michigan’s Increase in Deadly Wrong-Way Collisions

Wrong-Way Collisions: Not Just Drunk Drivers to Blame Wrong-way collision accidents are certainly not a common problem. But unfortunately, they are not all that rare either. And when they do happen, the price is exponentially high. Most result in death,

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Ottawa Operating While Intoxicated Causing Death

Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Parked Car 59-year-old Bernard Langmeyer, and his wife Deborah, pulled over on the side of I-96, and parked well off the shoulder to keep out of the flow of oncoming vehicles.Their Ford C-Max had a flat

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Sobriety Courts Celebrate Success

Sobriety Courts Help Reduce Repeat Offenders Michigan is home to 41 specialized sobriety courts, whose only focus is to keep drunk driving offenders from becoming repeat offenders. And on May 21 they were all doing one thing – celebrating the

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Palcohol: A Threat to Michigan Drivers?

Palcohol? You ask, what on earth is palcohol? Well, it’s powdered alcohol, hence the witty name. A dehydrated form of alcohol created by outdoorsman Mark Phillips, who wanted a light, easy to transport alcoholic beverage while hiking, biking and kayaking.

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DUI Suspect Actually Craigslist Kidnapper

In the early morning hours, shortly after the bars close and the police expect to find a number of intoxicated drivers trying to make it home in one piece, Michigan State Troopers noticed a car swerving in and out of

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MSP Detective Facing Serious Felony Charges

Felony Charges After Officer Strikes┬áBiker While it seems, sadly enough, that police officers being charged with drunk driving isn’t as rare as one would hope nowadays, the one agency that seems to go unscathed is usually the Michigan State Police.

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Drunk Driving the Least of His Worries

Guns and Alcohol Not a Good Combination Minutes before midnight, Ypsilanti police officers were called to the Monroe and Second intersection, after a concerned citizen called in to report that a car was stopped at the intersection. Inside it, a

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Stephanie proved to be superbly professional in her demeanor, but in telephone and email correspondence she demonstrated a very real sense of personal commitment. I retained her for a family member's case; I live out of state and I needed someone to advocate the family's concern to our loved one, but to also fill the role of advocate for the defendant. She exceeded my expectations in every way. I very much appreciate and respect her knowledge of the law but also her ability to interject the "story" behind the alcohol/drug offense defendant, and then present a truthful plan of rehabilitation for the client (my sister). In-fact, while she made absolutely no promises or predictions as to the ruling--the outcome for my sister and in-turn for all of us--was surprisingly better than we could have hoped for. When asked her impression of Stephanie, the first word my sister used is "Compassionate," quickly followed by the same descriptive characteristics detailed above.
Patrick on Birdeye, 2015