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Lake Orion Drunk Boating Incident

Michigan’s new DUI laws for boaters may put a crimp in some people’s summer plans, but for one Lake Orion man, that law isn’t going to make much difference. With a BAC of almost three times the legal limit, this

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All New Vehicles to Have Ignition Interlock Devices?

U.S. Rep Announces New Legislation U.S. Representative Kathleen Rice announced recently that it is her intention to introduce legislation that makes it mandatory for all new vehicles to come equipped with ignition interlock technology. The goal, Rice explains, is to

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Need a DUI Attorney Fast? There’s an App for That

Need a place to go fishing with your kids? There’s an app for that. Want to know who sings that song you heard playing in the mall? There’s an app for that. Looking for an interesting new pancake recipe? Believe

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Judge Exceeds Sentencing Guidelines in DUI Case

It is not common that a judge exceeds the state’s sentencing guidelines in a drunk driving case. After all, the law requires that if it happens, it will need to be answered for. But obviously Hillsdale County Circuit Court Judge

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“Super Drunk” Sergeant Pleads Guilty to DUI

While it certainly seems to happen often enough that it hardly qualifies as “news”, the media has provided a good deal of coverage for 32-year-old Aaron Sawyer’s DUI charges. Sawyer, a Rockford police sergeant, has apparently pled guilty to the

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Drunk Driving Attorney –
But Not What You Might Think

Usually when a lawyer is described as a drunk driving attorney, you would assume that this means that they are a defense attorney who handles DUI cases. And you would be right. Most of the time. But while the term

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Ex-Deputy Re-Sentenced on DUI Conviction

On October 15th of 2012, former Allegan County sheriff’s deputy Kevin Jay Haan ended a high speed chase by crashing his truck into the front of a former school building. He was under the influence of alcohol at the time,

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Michigan’s Drinking and Boating Laws

New Drunk Driving Laws for Boaters In December of last year, Governor Rick Snyder signed into law legislation that changed the drinking and boating laws in Michigan. But up until recently, no one has really experienced the effects of these

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State Trooper Facing 2nd Drunk Driving Charge

Drunk Driving Trooper an Embarrassment for MSP? According to a number of media sources who have pursued the information, a Michigan State Trooper was recently arrested for drunk driving. While this alone is a rather unfortunate development, especially for the

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Bay County OWI Causing Death Charges

Jon M. Brown, a 29-year-old Saginaw man, was recently arraigned on two felony charges for the drunk driving accident he was alleged to have caused in Bay County in May. Court records show that Brown has been charged with a

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