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How Does Michigan Rank In It’s Punishment Of Drunk Drivers?

When comparing Michigan to other states in the USA, we get a lot of favorable results (unless you’re talking about child welfare, the state of the roads or auto insurance, that is!)¬†From a tourism, beer, food, coastline, and wine standpoint,

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MSP Crime Lab Taint = Thousands of Questionable DUI Cases?

A recent letter from the Forensic Science Department of the Michigan State Police revealed that there are apparently thousands of drunk driving cases whose results are tainted. The reason for the problem according to the letter, is that the samples

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Michigan Police Stepping Up DUI Arrests For Labor Day Holidays

As is usual in Michigan, several times throughout the calendar year, law enforcement around our state are embarking on another campaign to reduce drunk driving in Michigan. This time, the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign began last week

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Sobriety Court Offers An Alternative To Jail

While it can be very easy for the world to label drunk drivers as nothing more than selfish or irresponsible people who should be locked up in order to keep society safe, that is only one part of the picture.

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Man Accused of Highway DUI Near Three Rivers, MI

At about 8:30 pm on Monday, August 8th, Michigan State Police officers from the White Pigeon Post in St. Joseph County, were called to the scene of an accident on M60. It resulted in a drunk driving arrest. Officers say

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Roadside Drug Testing Experiment in Michigan – Lessons From History

Having just discussed with you the proposed roadside drug testing pilot program that the Michigan State Police have been tasked with running here in Michigan, it is important to look at this subject from all angles, including the rather dubious

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