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Flint Water Crisis Investigator Resigns After DUI Charges

The Flint water crisis has received national media coverage for months. Since the discovery of toxic levels of lead in the Flint water supply, there have been conspiracy theories, celebrity interventions, and more finger pointing than the Trump/Clinton debate.

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Are Driverless Cars Part of Michigan’s Future?

  Not too long ago, driverless cars sounded like something out of a space age sci-fi movie. But not any more. If you have ever used Google Maps ‘street view’, then you have looked at pictures taken by a camera

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Are BAC False Positives Real, And What Causes Them?

We’ve all heard the urban legends about people who were accused of being drunk, or worse – high, after consuming nothing more than innocuous food items or medicines. Like the woman who lost her job because she happened to eat

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Drunk Driving Arrest Leads To Cold Case Charges

Drunk driving arrests often end up being more than just DUI charges in Michigan. Police officers never know what they will find in the car when they approach it. They often pull people over prepared for this particular traffic stop

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