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Michigan Veteran Courts: Helping Our Veterans to Succeed and Overcome

  Picture this…you are a young man or woman raised in Michigan. You have has chosen to join our armed forces after high school. Maybe you made this decision because you are a patriot. Maybe because it’s what your father

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DUI FYI: What Does Child Endangerment Have To Do With a DUI?

Certain things go hand in hand together, like ice cream and apple pie. Or peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately another common combo is Drunk Driving and Child Endangerment. Although many people may not realize it, Child Endangerment, while it is

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Could Hungover Driving Be As Dangerous As Drunk Driving?

  We all know the story. You’re out with your friends sharing a few drinks and having a blast. The night wears on. Your plan to stop after two beverages falls by the wayside. Soon three becomes four, becomes five.

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Asleep at the Wheel: Is ‘Sleep Driving’ a Viable Defense?

  There have been numerous interesting and creative defenses used by defense attorneys over the years in an effort to protect their clients from criminal charges, but this is a relatively new one. ‘Sleep driving,’ which Kathleen Bailey’s attorney says

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