Drunk Driving and Commercial Vehicles

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The experienced DUI lawyers at The Kronzek Firm PLC, understand how your very livelihood is at stake if you are arrested for driving under the influence while operating a commercial vehicle. We have helped countless drivers keep their license, keep their jobs and avoid jail.  When your livelihood is at steak, you want the best attorney you can find.  A drunk driving conviction can end a commercial driving career.  Act now to get a free consultation.

What will happen if I am caught drunk driving in a commercial vehicle?

Commercial drivers are subject to certain restrictions under federal law. For instance, an individual may not operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) with a blood alcohol content of .04 or higher, which is far lower than the limit for non-commercial drivers. For holders of CDL’s, any drunk driving charge is a serious problem that requires the assistance of a one of Michigan’s best DUI lawyers.

There are many alcohol-related criminal charges that a commercial driver could encounter. If you have been charged with any of the following crimes, our dedicated attorneys will give you a comprehensive case evaluation, considering all of the factual, constitutional and technical defenses available to you when accused of operating a commercial vehicle while impaired.

  • Operating with an unlawful bodily alcohol level (UBAL) of .10 grams or more per 100 milliliters of blood, per 210 liters of breath, or per 67 milliliters of urine;
  • Operating under the influence of liquor (OUIL);
  • Operating under the influence of drugs (OUID);
  • Operating while impaired (OWI) when your BAC is .07 up to .10 grams per 100 milliliters of blood, per 210 liters of breath, or per 67 milliliters of urine;
  • Operating with a BAC of .04 to .07 grams per 100 milliliters of blood, per 210 liters of breath, or per 67 milliliters of urine;
  • OUIL, OWI or UBAL causing serious injury or death.

Additionally, a commercial driver may face an “out of service” order under several circumstances. A driver of a CMV may be forced out of service for 24 hours for a few reasons:

  • First, a driver will immediately be placed out of service for refusal to take a preliminary breath test (PBT). Any holder of a CDL has given implied consent to such testing and failure to submit is a misdemeanor;
  • Another reason to be sidelined is consuming alcohol within 4 hours of driving a CMV;
  • Furthermore, having a bodily alcohol content (BAC) of .015 grams or more per 100 milliliters of blood/per 210 liters of breath, or per 67 milliliters of urine is another cause for intervention;
  • Consuming alcohol while driving a CMV is also included.

If a person refuses to undergo a chemical test or is convicted of an applicable alcohol offense, the CDL will be suspended for one year for a first offense. However, this is increased to three years if the individual is transporting hazardous materials at the time. Additionally, the CDL is revoked for a minimum of ten years for a second or third violation.

What will happen to my CDL if I am driving my personal vehicle and I am caught driving drunk?

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a special privilege attached to an operator or chauffeur license. Therefore, if a person is convicted of offenses like Operating under the influence of liquor or controlled substance (OUIL) or Operating while impaired by liquor or controlled substance (OWI) that suspends or revokes the individual’s operator of chauffer license, then the suspension or revocation extends to the CDL as well. The length of time that a person will not be allowed commercial driving privileges varies from 90 days up to five years based on current and previous convictions on the driving record. It is important to remember that points may also be added to an individual’s driving record and other applicable fines, mandatory penalties, and other enhancements through the Michigan Secretary of State.

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