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All across the Owosso area, state and local police and sheriff departments have been ramping up their war against drunk driving. Everyone has seen the billboards and the television ads, but few people imagine themselves on the wrong end of this zealous police crusade. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year find themselves needing the help of a highly skilled drunk driving lawyer in Owosso. At the The Kronzek Firm law firm, we believe in providing every client with the DUI defense they deserve.

If you have found yourself facing a charge of OWI, Open Intoxicant, drugged driving, or any drug and alcohol charge or a DUI in Owosso, then you should immediately seek the help of one of our expert alcohol and drug attorneys in Owosso, Michigan.

Our Owosso DUI attorney counselors know how to defend you against drunk driving charges. We are good at getting the best results possible. We treat every case as if it is the most important thing going on in your life.

Owosso area police are zealously arresting people for alcohol and drug related crimes. Wouldn’t you want a Owosso DUI defense attorney just as zealous at defending your rights? Police are trained at how to get suspects to make mistakes that are hard to recover from in court. Our Owosso drunk driving lawyer professionals are trained at how to prevent further mistakes and how to help you deal with any mistakes that you may have already made. Working together, we can deal with the problems you are now facing.

From your very first interaction with the authorities, you are going to feel pressure to cooperate with police, prosecutors and judges. Yet, cooperating does not mean the same as making it easy for them to convict you of a crime. In the United States, no one has an obligation to aid in his or her own prosecution. If you do not know about your rights, the authorities will find the obstacles to a conviction few and far between. The question that you should be asking is how you can avoid the serious consequences that come with a criminal conviction.

How can I fight charges of a DUI in Owosso?

The answer is simple: you need to get a Owosso DUI lawyer and criminal defense attorney who understands your case and knows how to defend it. Your Owosso DUI attorney should have years of experience defending Ingham county residents from traffic and alcohol offenses. Your Owosso DUI attorney should also be able to tell you just how they are going to give you a fighting chance against charges of drinking and driving. Your Owosso DUI attorney should have specialized training in the field of drunk driving defense. And your Owosso drunk driving lawyer should be responsive to your needs, willing to spend time with you, and able to answer all of your questions.

We meet daily with clients needing a good defense. Our Owosso drunk driving attorney counselors conduct new client office interviews Monday through Friday and nights and weekends as necessary.

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