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Steady Decline in Future DUI Convictions?

Recent information released by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) has shed some interesting new light on driving statistics around the country, and specifically those in Michigan. It shows that the future will look decidedly different for drivers. So, is the

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ALL Cars to Get Ignition Interlock Devices?

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Injury Center and Transportation Research Institute claims that if all cars made in the United States were equipped with technology that prevented drunk drivers from even starting their vehicles, the savings

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Judge Exceeds Sentencing Guidelines

Saginaw County Man Gets up to 30 Years While there are a number of instances where Michigan judges have surprised the court by showing incredible leniency during sentencings that were expected to be quite severe. But on this occasion, this

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Hillsdale County: Woman Faces Sentencing in Third OWI

29-year-old Megan Marie Eding, a Tekonsha resident, was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on February 6th, by an officer who noticed her car swerving around on M-99 late at night. But as it turns out, this is by

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Visibly Drunk Driver Hits Child

Fleeing the Scene Charges on top of OWI Drunk driving is dangerous. Everyone knows that. But situations like this, tragic and terrible as they are, serve to drive that point home in terrifying ways that statistics and discussions just cannot do.

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Michigan Man Faces Florida OWI Causing Death Charges

Trial in OWI Causing Death Set for May In early 2010, Richard Lee Hall crashed his Chevy Corvette into a metal pole and section of fence along the US 1 Highway in the Florida Keys while he was drunk. Bernie

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Watch Out! Drunk Driving Crackdown Begins Again

Drunk Driving Crackdown is an Annual Event It’s that time of year again, folks – the season of March madness, Irish drinking songs and that most revered of college break periods. Yes, you guessed it…. the NCAA, St Patrick’s day

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Intoxicated Driver to Stand Trial in Burning Death

Goran Djordjevski, the 41-year-old husband and father from Farmington Hills who stands accused of causing a severe drunk driving accident and then leaving the unintended victim to burn to death in her vehicle will stand trial, according to Novi District

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No Prison Sentence for Underaged Drinker

If you had drunkenly crashed into a ditch, with a car full of inebriated teenagers, substantial prison time and a lifelong criminal record wouldn’t really come as much of a surprise. But for one underaged drinker, 20-year-old Hannah M. Ramos,

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Trouble with Roadside Sobriety Tests

State law was changed in January to permit a preliminary roadside analysis to find if an individual was possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Before, “roadside sobriety tests” was not defined. However, the law change has had the

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