Hillsdale County: Woman Faces Sentencing in Third OWI

29-year-old Megan Marie Eding, a Tekonsha resident, was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving on February 6th, by an officer who noticed her car swerving around on M-99 late at night. But as it turns out, this is by no means her first experience with driving drunk. She is looking at felony charges for what is now her third OWI charge.

Police records show that, when asked for her information by the officer who pulled her over, she offered her sister’s name instead of her own which has earned her a charge of lying to and obstructing a police officer. This is a two year felony with possible fines of up to $2,000.

In addition, she was found to be driving with an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, the car she was driving had no insurance and an illegal license plate, and to top it all off, her driver’s license was suspended.

Eding’s preliminary breath test indicated a blood alcohol content of  0.27, which is significantly higher than Michigan’s legally drunk level of 0.8, and higher even than the state’s “super drunk” level of 0.17. Which means that she will likely be facing much stiffer penalties come sentencing day.

Court records show that Eding has a history of drunk driving, as her record indicates two prior OWI charges – one in 2007 and one in 2009. This may also affect the charges, as she may be sentenced as a habitual offender.

Eding’s sentencing has been scheduled for March 30th, and will take place in the Hillsdale County Courthouse. Although we are certain that this young lady doesn’t appreciate the fact that she will likely spend a good few years in prison, we are hoping that she will use the time to do some serious thinking about her own well being and the possible impact of her choices on other people. We wish her the best for the future.

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