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Texting And Driving? Here Comes The “Textalyzer”!

Practically everyone is familiar with the Breathalyzer – a tool law enforcement uses to detect whether or not a driver has been drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel. (Michigan cops now use the Datamaster for this purpose instead of

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How to avoid a DUI charge in Michigan

For many people in Michigan, being charged with a drunk driving / DUI / OUIL or impaired driving is the only time they are going to have any kind of brush with the law. This means if they can just

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Breathalyzers Now Used For More Than DUIs?

Michigan drivers that have been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving or DUI, have all had to “blow into this Breathalyzer, please” at one point or another. They would be familiar with the process, but only as it pertains

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Court of Appeals Says No DUI For Driveway Driver

Drunk driving is against the law, no doubt about it. But according to the Michigan Court of Appeals, that law may not extend to your own driveway. In a recent decision, the Court of Appeals has upheld a local judge’s

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SKID Program Prepares High Schoolers For Prom Night

The Goal Is No Drunk Drivers On Prom Night   With another school year drawing to a close, the issue of prom is on the forefront of most high schooler’s minds. And that is no less true for their parents,

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