How to avoid a DUI charge in Michigan

For many people in Michigan, being charged with a drunk driving / DUI / OUIL or impaired driving is the only time they are going to have any kind of brush with the law. This means if they can just avoid that DUI they can avoid a criminal record that could negatively impact their lives for years to come. So here is a simple list of things you could do to avoid getting pulled over by the police in Michigan for drunk driving.

Avoid mixed drinks

If you’re going to be out drinking with friends, one way to reduce your chances of a DUI or a DWI is to avoid any mixed drinks with carbonation in them. Carbonation increases the speed at which alcohol is metabolised in your system, speeding up the rate at which the alcohol enters your bloodstream. So stay away from rum and coke, gin and tonic and the classic dark and stormy.


Wait before driving

There is logic to that old wive’s tale about having one drink an hour in order to stay moderately sober. Pacing yourself throughout the evening by savoring your drinks allows you to consume less alcohol over the course of the night. Additionally, drinking a glass of water between each drink will help you to feel full sooner, slowing your intake, with the added benefit of combatting the dehydration that follows drinking alcohol.


Units not numbers

People often think of their alcohol consumption in terms of drinks but it should more accurately be counted in units. On average, a single unit of alcohol will increase your BAC by .02, but not all drinks were created equal when it comes to units. While a 12 oz beer (5%) contains about one unit of alcohol, only 1.5 oz of 80 proof liquor equals a unit. So be careful what you drink because not all drinks contain the same amount of alcohol and three mixed drinks will have far more effect on you that three beers.


Call a ride

Arranging ahead of time with a friend who agrees to be “on call” is a great way to avoid drinking and driving. Whether it’s 10 pm or 2 am, someone who is expecting your call and is willing to hop out of bed and come pick you up at the bar if you’ve had a few too many is always a safe bet. An even better version, is when this person is willing to drop you off at the bar to begin with. This way, you don’t have a car with you, and won’t be tempted to make a bad judgment call later.


Have a DD

Bar hopping can be a blast. However, the biggest issue is getting from location to location safely, or even just getting home in one piece when it’s all over. Having a designated driver along, that agrees to spend the evening with the group but refrains from consuming any alcohol, can be the difference between waking up in your own bed and waking up in jail.


Spend the night

If you are going to be at a house party or private gathering where you know you are likely to drink, plan ahead to stay the night instead of leaving to go home. This means you won’t have to risk being on the road with a BAC above Michigan’s legal limit, but neither will you have to fork over the money for a taxi which can be quite costly depending on how far you need to go.

We hope this has provided you with some safety tips to consider when planning your next evening out. If however you make a mistake and misjudge you own ability to function under the influence we are here to help you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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