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Autonomous Vehicles – Michigan’s Technological Future?

  There has been much talk over the last few years about whether or not autonomous vehicles are the future. For those who are in favor it’s a no brainer – removing human error will only result in safer roads

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Super Drunk Driver Crashes Through Detroit Metro Airport Fence

  Anyone who has ever had dealings with airport police in Detroit, understands that they are known for their strict adherence to the rules and their rigid outlook on safety. So the drunk driver who recently crashed through a fence

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DUI Child Endangerment Sentence … 13 Years After The Arrest!

  It’s been a full thirteen years since 51-year-old Ronald J. Sutherland was arrested and charged with drunk driving and OWI Child Endangerment. However, while it may have taken a lot longer than the courts ever anticipated, and the child

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Michigan Drivers: Some of The Nation’s’ Best?

  Michigan sometimes gets a bad rap when it comes to our drivers. Especially those who are operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. With MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) ¬†recently claiming that Michigan law is way too lenient

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