Super Drunk Driver Crashes Through Detroit Metro Airport Fence



Anyone who has ever had dealings with airport police in Detroit, understands that they are known for their strict adherence to the rules and their rigid outlook on safety. So the drunk driver who recently crashed through a fence at Detroit’s Metro Airport in Wayne County probably had a lot of explaining to do once the airport police arrested them!


According to numerous media sources, a vehicle carrying a number of people left a bar located near the airport shortly before the crash. The vehicle is said to have veered off the road and crashed through a security fence on the perimeter of the airport. It then circled back on an airport service road, and left the area via the same hole in the fence it had entered through. The driver is said to have had no contact with the runways, never putting airplanes in any danger.


Initially there were media reports of a wild car chase on airport roads with a drunk driver swerving on a runway, potentially putting lives in danger. However, this information was later corrected, as the sources cited were incorrect and their version did not match the official version of the story.


A description of the vehicle was circulated, and a short while later a car matching that description was pulled over near Middlebelt and I-94 by Airport Authority Police. Inside the vehicle was the driver and only one occupant, who were both removed from the car without incident. The driver was arrested and is facing several charges.


Driving ‘super drunk” means more severe penalties in Michigan!


The driver, whose identity has not yet been revealed, allegedly had a BAC that was over Michigan’s “super drunk” limit of 0.17. As a result, the driver is being charged as super drunk, in addition to Leaving The Scene of an Accident, and Breach of Security, which is not Michigan law, but rather an airport ordinance.


For those of you who aren’t certain about what it means to be “super drunk” as opposed to just “drunk”, here is a quick breakdown. Once a driver consumes enough alcohol for their BAC to reach or exceed 0.08, they are considered to be above Michigan’s legal limit and can be arrested for Operating While Intoxicated, also called OWI.


However, once a driver’s BAC reaches 0.17, which is just above twice the legal limit, they are considered to be “Super Drunk.” The offense is still considered to be a misdemeanor, however the penalties are considerably more severe. In fact the penalties for being convicted of “super drunk” driving are, on average, twice that of standard drunk driving penalties. Fines are doubled and jail time is often two times the average drunk driving sentence.

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