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Drug Recognition Experts and Drugged Driving in Michigan

  There is currently a roadside drug testing pilot underway in five counties in Michigan. The Michigan State Police are trying to determine, over the course of one year, if roadside drug testing is a cost effective way to address

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Science Panel Backs Call For Lower BAC Limits Across The US!

  If you follow The Kronzek Firm’s blog here on, then you’ll remember our two-part article a little while ago addressing the issue of lowered BAC limits as a possible solution to drunk driving fatalities. As we discussed there,

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Are You Allowed to Refuse a Field Sobriety Test in Michigan?

  Michigan’s drunk driving laws can be somewhat confusing. Can you still be arrested for drunk driving if you’re below the legal limit? Do your charges get harsher the more you’ve had to drink? Can you refuse to participate in

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Tips To Surviving After A Michigan DUI License Suspension

  One of the many downsides to a DUI conviction here in Michigan is losing your driver’s license. Or worse, losing your car. Being without wheels can make life really hard, especially when you need to get to and from

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