Tips To Surviving After A Michigan DUI License Suspension

Being without a car after a DUI can be tough – but there are ways to get around!


One of the many downsides to a DUI conviction here in Michigan is losing your driver’s license. Or worse, losing your car. Being without wheels can make life really hard, especially when you need to get to and from work. Add in other commitments like grocery shopping, getting the kids to and from their activities, doctor appointments, social activities and family events, and you have some major life adjustments ahead.


Difficult as it may be, though, it’s not impossible. You can survive life in Michigan without the ability to drive, although you need to be willing to make changes to the way you live. For those of you out there facing the prospect of a ‘car-less’ reality for the foreseeable future, here are a few tips to help you survive.


  1. Plan ahead

If you’re going to be without a car for a while because the Michigan Secretary of State has suspended or revoked your driving privileges, you’re going to need to figure out ways to get around. There are tons of options available to you, but you can no longer just assume that a ride will be waiting when you need it. You’re going to have to be creative and use methods you haven’t relied on before (or since high school). So be aware of your schedule and your household needs, and plan ahead to accommodate them.


  1. Use public transportation

If there is a bus system where you live, make use of it. Most larger cities have buses that run early morning until evening hours. They also all have websites that make planning your route easy. Spend a little time online figuring out which bus you would need to catch, and how much time you need to reach your destination. It may also be worth investing in a bus pass, which can seem costly upfront, but ends up translating into cheaper rides if you use the bus regularly. If you are handicapped or you are a senior citizen, you might qualify for special transportation from the public bus system at a reduce cost.


  1. Ask friends and family for rides

If you live with someone who has a car, ask them about giving you rides to and from important commitments, like work, school and court dates. If your home is on the way to work for one of your coworkers, ask if they would be willing to pick you up and drop you off when they drive by. Remember, if others are willing to give you rides, it is a kindness on their part. Offering gas money or help with parking expenses to help ease the inconvenience is always appreciated (and more likely to make them willing to keep driving you around in the future.) You can also plan appointments around their schedules and availability.


  1. Take a walk

While this may be the slowest method of getting from place to place, it’s also the healthiest and greenest option. If your job is within walking distance of your home, walking might be the cheapest way to get there. It also has the benefit of not putting you in a position where you’re relying on someone else for rides.


  1. Catch a taxi or call Uber

This is a somewhat costly option, but there will be times when you really need to get somewhere important, and a ride isn’t available or the distance is too far to walk. At times like that, a taxi or Uber is a great way to have a fast and reliable ride on hand. Some people have found the ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft to be less expensive than owning a car. Think about not having to buy, fix, maintain and insure a car. It adds up.


  1. Ride your bike

Like walking, riding a bike is a cost-effective and healthy way to get from one place to another. Unlike walking, you can cover sizable distances quite quickly, making it a better method of transportation for longer distances. However, bear in mind that here in Michigan bike riding can be a real challenge during the winter months, so this isn’t an all-season option for most people. Also, for those who don’t own a bicycle at the outset, this method can be somewhat costly upfront unless you buy a bike used. Also, some people ride their bike to the bus stop if the bus is equipped with a bike rack on it.


We hope this list was helpful for you. We know that being without a car can be a real challenge, so finding workable solutions is very important. Being stuck at home, or unable to get to and from your job puts you in a real bind. The sooner you can find ways to get around and get on with your life, the better. Having a drunk driving conviction isn’t the end of your world but it does add another challenge to it.


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