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Teacher Shows up For Class Drunk, And Gets Arrested For Drunk Driving!

Teaching is a tough job these days. Teachers are often underpaid, underappreciated, and overwhelmed. But regardless of how rough the job gets, there are certain coping methods that school districts usually frown on. And one of those is drinking on

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Will Michigan’s Planned New Electronic Licenses Affect Roadside DUI Stops?

What’s the first thing a police officer says to you when they walk up to your window after pulling you over? Sometimes they greet you politely and ask how you’re doing. Sometimes they ask if you happen to know what

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Does it Still Count as a DUI in Michigan if You’re on a Bicycle?

When you think of drunk driving, your first thought doesn’t usually include a bicycle. Unless of course, you’re referring to the victim of a drunk driving crash. But what about people who ride their bicycles under the influence of drugs

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Booze And Electric Scooters Are a Terrible Mix!

There’s a reason why drinking and driving is illegal here in Michigan and in every other state. It’s dangerous, and people get hurt. Sometimes it even results in fatalities. So it should come as no surprise that a recent study

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