Teacher Shows up For Class Drunk, And Gets Arrested For Drunk Driving!

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Teaching is a tough gig these days! But showing up to work drunk only makes it tougher!

Teaching is a tough job these days. Teachers are often underpaid, underappreciated, and overwhelmed. But regardless of how rough the job gets, there are certain coping methods that school districts usually frown on. And one of those is drinking on the job. But that didn’t stop Michael Dennis Fletcher from showing up drunk to teach his class at Lakeland High School. And not just “drunk” – this guy’s BAC was almost off the charts!

According to numerous sources, Fletcher showed up at school but it quickly became apparent that he was intoxicated while teaching. Administrators were concerned and called the local cops, who showed up and administered a breath test. The results were astounding, as Fletcher allegedly blew a .354%, which is more than four times the legal limit. The fact that Fletcher had driven himself to school that morning became an immediate issue.

He admitted to the police that he’d been drinking before teaching that day.

Fletcher told the police he’d been drinking before work that day, and because he’d also driven himself to work, he was immediately arrested for drunk driving. The cops took him to the Oakland County Jail, where he was held until he could be arraigned on charges of operating while intoxicated, and driving on a suspended license. Interestingly, those two charges were identical to the two mentioned in an arrest warrant issued for Fletcher last year in October. 

The Judge set Fletcher’s bail at $7,500 and ordered that Fletcher would only be released if he agreed to be fitted with an alcohol tether as well. However, the bail and the conditional release are only part of the obstacles Fletcher is facing right now. He’s on paid leave from his teaching position (a fact that many people are upset about!) and if convicted he will lose not only his job but also his teaching certificate. Which means he can’t get a teaching job anywhere else either.

Drunk driving is often a symptom of a much bigger problem.

This story has gone viral and was reported by the news media in other states. Interestingly, the responses online have covered a wide range of emotions, from people who are truly concerned, to those who are outraged, and even those who think it’s funny. But the reality is that many people who drive drunk do so because they have a drinking problem. And no – we’re not trying to be funny here. We’re talking about a real drinking problem, as in a substance abuse problem, that often stems from some other unresolved issue in their life.

People with substance abuse problems need help. They need someone to advocate for them. They need assistance addressing the issues in their lives that led to that encounter so that they can get help, overcome the issue, and move forward knowing it’s not going to happen again. And that’s where we come in. Our skilled DUI attorneys are compassionate, understanding, and non-judgemental. If you’ve been accused of a DUI anywhere in Oakland County, Livingston County or Macomb County, we can help by protecting your rights and helping you get back on your feet so you can focus on getting the help you need. So call 866 7NoJail today. We’re here for you. We can be reached 24 /7 at 1 866 766 5245.

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