Are Drunk Drivers to Blame For Most of Michigan’s Traffic Fatalities?

Traffic fatalities are tragic, but they aren’t all caused by drunk drivers!


Drunk drivers are blamed for a lot of the tragedies on the road today. And to some degree, that’s fair. After all, drunk driving is the cause of a great many deaths every year in the Great Lakes State. However, the truth of the matter is that drunk drivers aren’t the only cause of Michigan’s road and highway death toll. And while we’re on the subject, there’s actually a lot about drunk driving and traffic crashes in Michigan that people don’t know. So here are a few facts that may surprise you. You’re welcome.


Traffic fatalities are actually down in Michigan right now!


In 2004, there were 1,055 car crashes that resulted in 1,156 deaths. Ten years later,  in 2014, the number of fatal crashes was down to 806, and the number of people who died in those crashes was down to 876. Since then, the numbers have slowly decreased, which means that progress is being made, and every year fewer people are killed on Michigan roads. All in all, it’s something to celebrate!


Drunk drivers are to blame for less than half of traffic fatalities in Michigan.


According to recent stats, when you look at all of the fatalities resulting from traffic crashes, and then you remove the ones where there were other factors besides alcohol or drugs involved, the numbers are surprising! Specifically, drugs and alcohol alone were only factors in just over one third of traffic fatalities. So that means that drunk (and drugged) drivers were the cause of less than half of Michigan’s fatal crashes.


Traffic crashes kill more men than women!


That is an interesting fact – the fact that twice as many men die in fatal crashes than women do. So what’s the reason? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, men put far more miles on their vehicles every year than women do, men tend to be more aggressive drivers, and men are more likely to drive drunk.


Only half of the people killed in crashes are drivers!


This should be something of a cautionary tale for all of us. It’s tragic when a driver gets behind the wheel drunk, or texts while driving, or simply doesn’t pay attention to the road, and then dies in a crash. But it isn’t surprising. After all, they weren’t making great choices. However, when the people who die are innocent children, or people who were simply trying to get to work, enjoy a bike ride, or buy groceries to feed their kids, it’s heartbreaking! So remember – our choices always impact other people’s lives! Be smart, don’t be distracted while driving and stay sober!


Fatal crashes happen more often on the weekend!

As expected, there are more vehicle accidents in general, and specifically more fatal crashes on Fridays and Saturdays than on any other day of the week. Interestingly, there are more crashes on Fridays, but more of the crashes that happen on Saturdays are fatal than on Fridays. Also, keep in mind that there is a higher chance of being involved in a fatal crash after 6pm in the evening. So if you’re out driving on weekend nights, be extra vigilant and practice safe driving!


Drunk driving is treated very seriously in Michigan!

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