Bay County Intoxicated Driver Drives Self to Jail

It seems about as unlikely as lightning hitting the same tree twice, or a card player pulling a King from the same deck four times in a row, but unlikely doesn’t mean impossible. And an intoxicated driver saving the police time by driving herself to jail? Believe it or not, it just happened again.

A 49-year-old woman, whose name has not yet been released pending her arraignment, apparently drove herself, not home, and not to another bar, but directly to the local jail. Why? No one is sure yet, but the story is interesting none-the-less.

Apparently the incident began at about 1:45 pm on a Saturday, when Bay County Sheriff’s deputies took note of a red 2011 Chevrolet Impala in the parking lot of the Bay County Jail. The car was very poorly parked – it somehow took up two parking spots while simultaneously managing to be partially in a snow bank and on a curb.

Noting that the car was still running and the lights were on, even though no one had approached the vehicle recently, the deputies investigated. And it was then that they discovered the woman passed out behind the wheel, along with a number of open alcohol containers.

The deputies woke the woman and asked her why she was sleeping in the jail parking lot. Her apparent difficulty in answering questions, total inability to explain why she was parked at the county jail, and the fact that she knew no one currently in jail and therefore was not a visitor, was a pretty clear indicator of substantial alcohol consumption.

The deputies finally arrested the woman for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, which is apparently her second offense. She spent some time in the jail, possibly sleeping off the rest of her hangover, and then posted bail.

This is not the first time this has happened in recent months, A similar incident took place in Van Buren County in October last year, where a drunk driver drove herself all the way to jail, saving the arresting officer both time and gas.


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