Can I be Arrested For Drunk Driving in a Golf Cart in Michigan?

A golf cart still counts as a motorized vehicle according to Michigan law.

In short: yes you can!

If you read the news, then you’ve probably seen half a dozen articles lately about people being arrested for driving drunk on lawn mowers, golf carts, and ATVs. It sounds strange, but it’s completely true – just because you aren’t behind the wheel of a car, or a truck, doesn’t mean you’re immune from possible drunk driving charges!

The law says ‘motorized vehicle,’ not car or truck!

When most people think about drunk driving, they tend to think of being pulled over in a car, or a truck, or even on a motorcycle. But the truth is, Michigan law doesn’t specify that the vehicle you get pulled over in has to be “average” or “whatever most people are driving these days.” The only description given is that it’s illegal to drive a ‘motorized vehicle’ under the influence of drugs or alcohol on any public roadway. That means roads in Lansing, Howell, Battle Creek, and every other place you could drive a vehicle in the Great Lakes state.

You can get pulled over by the cops and arrested for a DUI while driving:

  • A car, or truck
  • A motorcycle or an electric scooter
  • A commercial vehicle, like a semi-truck
  • A limousine
  • A boat
  • A taxi
  • A lawn mower
  • An ATV (‘All terrain vehicle’)
  • A golf cart

Stay home if you’re going to drink and drive… a lawn mower!

Michigan law might not spell out all the many types of motorized vehicles you can be pulled over in, but it does clearly say you can’t drive drunk on a ‘public roadway.’ That means, according to the Michigan Court of Appeals, anywhere that is “generally accessible” to other vehicles. A private driveway, by definition, is not considered to be generally accessible.

So if you want to drive your lawn mower around after you’ve had a few beers, be sure to stay home and drive it around in your own yard. Same goes for your ATV, your golf cart, and any other motorized vehicle that you own. Once you leave your own driveway, you’re fair game for the cops.

Drunk and drugged driving in Michigan are serious crimes.

Whether you live in Lansing or in Kalamazoo, in Holt or in Detroit, getting arrested for drunk driving is going to mean serious consequences. Between losing your license, forking over a ton of cash for fines and court costs, and spending time in jail, it’s no joke. That’s why you need help from the experienced DUI defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm.

We’ve helped countless people over the decades with their drunk driving problems, from felony charges to lesser misdemeanors, and we can help you too. If you’re curious about our track record, you only have to spend a few minutes reading our reviews to see that we have a long list of very happy former clients. So if you’re facing jail time and the loss of your license for drunk driving, call 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) right now, and get help from the best.

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