Can You Really Fool The Breath Test Machine by Putting a Penny in Your Mouth?

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You’ve probably heard a whole boatload of weird urban legends in your time about how to avoid a DUI arrest. Things like carrying mouthwash in your car and using some right before the officer walks up to your window (doesn’t work!). Or another false one that suggests chewing gum can help you fool the breathalyzer (which is actually a DataMaster machine).. But one of the most popular myths when it comes to beating the breath test machine is the one that says you can fool a breathalyzer by sucking on a penny. So is it true?

Nope! Sucking a penny to fool a breathalyzer is 100% an unfounded urban legend!

The truth is, sucking on a penny, or any coin of any denomination for that matter, has absolutely no effect on a breath test machine. You could put a hundred pennies in your mouth and it won’t make a bit of difference, except maybe to your oral hygiene! Pennies do not affect the results of a breath test in any way, so don’t waste your time sucking on coins in the hopes of avoiding a DUI arrest. Instead, if you want to avoid the hassle of being arrested and charged with a DUI your best bet is to not drink and drive. And if you’ve already had a few too many drinks, catch an Uber or get a ride with a friend. 

Why do people say sucking a penny fools the breathalyzer?

Honestly, we’re not sure where this legend started. There are several different versions of this BAC myth, and none of them are correct. Some say the penny makes the reading so insanely high a Judge would never believe it, and others say the presence of the penny masks the alcohol in your breath. Truth? Nope, and nope. Also, ewwww! Money is filthy! Really folks, money belongs in your wallet, not in your mouth! Coins are notoriously dirty (just think about how many unclean hands have touched that penny!) So do yourself a favor and keep your pennies out of your mouth! Besides, you’ll need them all when it comes time to hire a top DUI defense attorney!

What is a breath test machine really testing for ?

A breath test machine works by taking a reading of the air from the deepest part of your lungs, which is also called alveolar breath. The ratio of breath alcohol to blood alcohol is 2,100:1. This means that 2,100 milliliters (ml) of alveolar air will contain the same amount of alcohol as 1 ml of blood. So when an officer tests your breath for alcohol what they’re hoping to get is an idea of your blood alcohol content (called BAC). According to the American Medical Association, a person can become impaired when their BAC hits 0.05. Here in Michigan the legal limit is 0.08. If your BAC measures 0.08, it means that there’s 0.08 grams of alcohol per 100 ml of your blood. At that point, you’re going to be arrested for drunk driving.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, call us!

The best way to avoid being arrested and charged for drunk driving is to not drink and drive. But if you’ve misjudged your own abilities, or made the mistake of having one more drink than you should have, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245. Our experienced DUI defense attorneys have been helping the people of Michigan’s lower peninsula fight drunk and drugged driving charges for many decades, and we’ve got a long track record of success! So don’t waste your time sucking on pennies, chewing gum, or rinsing with mouthwash in your car – none of those can save you. But a good DUI defense lawyer just might! You can hire us 24 / 7 by call our office at 1 866 7NoJail.

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