Daughter Calls the Cops on Drunk Mother

Police are regularly dispatched to intercept suspected drunk drivers after they receive calls from concerned citizens. Usually, this is because someone passed a wrong-way driver on the highway, or noticed another vehicle weaving in and out of the lane as it traveled down the road. But rarely does the call come from inside the suspected drunk driver’s car. And even less often, is that call made by a member of the driver’s family.

But according to the Roswell Police Department in Georgia, that’s exactly what happened just days ago. Police records show that this took place over the weekend. Deborah Miller was transporting her teenaged daughter and a number of her daughter’s friends, when her daughter noticed that something was wrong with her mom.

She later said that she could see that her mother was weaving all over the road. Concerned, she asked her mom to pull over, but her mother refused. In fact, she later said that she had asked repeatedly for her mom to stop the car, but to no avail. And so she called 911.

According to 911 Dispatchers, they received a call from a concerned 16-year-old girl who was sitting inside a car that her mother was driving. The issue, the young girl told the 911 operator, was the fact that she suspected her mother was drunk. She was also with several friends and was concerned for their safety.

By the time officers arrived on the scene, they knew exactly what what going on inside the car, as the young teen was providing a blow-by-blow account to officers. Miller was subsequently pulled over and arrested for drunk driving and is now facing DUI charges.

According to the arresting officers, they are proud of the teen for making such a hard call. “By doing so, she may have prevented an accident, and she may have saved her mom’s life as well as others,” said Officer Lisa Holland, Roswell Police Department’s public information officer.

Although this didn’t happen here in Michigan, it is the kind of situation that could happen anywhere. All it takes is one phone call, and you could be facing very serious charges. So if you or a loved one have been reported for suspected drunk driving, you are going to need very experienced help in dealing with the legal repercussions. Call us today. We can help you.



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