Don’t Want a DUI?

Some Commonsense “Avoid the DUI” Tips….


It may seem simple to those who have never encountered the law in this capacity before, but drinking and driving can happen to just about anyone. So we have compiled a list of basic tips to help you avoid a DUI.

1. Do not get behind the wheel of any vehicle if you have been drinking, even if you “feel fine.” Most people arrested for DUIs had no idea that they were over the legal limit, so the best approach is “better safe than sorry.”


2. If you choose to “sleep it off” in your vehicle instead of driving home, be sure that the car is not parked on the shoulder of the highway at the time. Also, sleep in the back seat, with the ignition off and the keys in your pocket.


3. If you are intoxicated, do not even sit in the driver’s seat. Even a car being towed can result in a DUI conviction if the person sitting behind the wheel is intoxicated at the time.


4. Consider alternating every drink you have with a non-alcoholic drink, or even just a glass of water, while you are out drinking. It will allow you to keep drinking along with everyone else, but greatly reduce your chances of intoxication.


5. Plan a designated driver ahead of time, even if it’s just a friend whom you plan to call when you are ready to leave the bar, so that you aren’t left scrambling at the end of the evening. This will also reduce the chances that the “least intoxicated person” in your group drives everyone else home.


6. Use a cab to get to the bar. That way, when it’s time to leave, you are forced to use another cab to get home and can’t be tempted to drive.


7. Hand the bartender your keys when you arrive at the bar. Ask them to hold your keys and not return them to you unless they have served you less than three drinks over the course of the entire evening.


8. Eat a meal before you go out, preferably one containing starchy foods that will slow the amount of alcohol released into your system over the course of the evening. It will also reduce the amount of alcohol you can drink, as you will feel fuller when you arrive at the bar.


9. Avoid carbonated drink mixes, as they increase the speed at which alcohol is released into your bloodstream, which means that you will be drunker faster.


We hope this list has been helpful, and we wish you and your loved ones safe travels. However, should you need the help of a professional and experienced DUI attorney, we are here to help.


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