Driving Drunk Charlevoix County

Ninth Conviction Sends Man to Prison

In Michigan, the law recommends that a person’s drunk driving sentences increase with each conviction, usually within a fixed period of time. Two convictions for driving drunk within a seven year period of time, or three convictions within a ten year period of time mean that one is viewed as a repeat offender by the courts.

But Keith Allen Jones, a 45-year-old resident of Charlevoix county, has been convicted nine times of drinking and driving since 1987. For that reason, the judge sentenced him to the maximum sentence allowed by the court for this offense.

During the sentencing hearing in Circuit Court, Assistant Prosecutor Katrina Martin, apparently emphasized to the Judge that in order to protect the public from Jones and his poor behavior, Jones should receive the longest possible sentence under the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines, which is a minimum of two years.

“His guidelines were 14 to 29 months and we requested the 29 month sentence and the judge agreed. Protection of society is important here,” Martin explained.

While Jones has been arrested for operating while intoxicated on numerous occasions, this is the first time he has been arrested for this crime in his home county of Charlevoix. However, the prosecutor informed the judge that Jones currently also has drunk driving charges pending in the state of Louisiana.

Jones was convicted of felony drunk driving, and sentenced to twenty nine to sixty months in prison for what is his third OWI offense in ten years, but his ninth overall.

Under Michigan law, a felony drunk driving driving conviction can lead to fines of not less than $500.00 or more than $5,000.00, and a prison sentence of up to five years. In addition, the court may order community service, loss of one’s driver’s license, vehicle immobilization and even possible forfeiture of the vehicle.

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