Michigan Drunk Driving Crackdown

 The Stats Are In!

The recent Michigan three-week drunk driving crackdown, which included 144 police agencies from 26 counties statewide, resulted in more than 13,700 traffic stops, and almost 8,000 citations and arrests.

The stepped up enforcement period lasted from March 12 to April 7, a span that coincided with the NCAA’s March Madness playoffs and St Patrick’s day. According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, there were 451 drunk driving arrests were made during this time period which is actually a decrease from the 510 drunk driving arrests made during last year’s March Madness enforcement effort, an almost 10% reduction in drunk driving arrests in total.

Of these 451 arrests, more than 18% were charged under Michigan’s ‘super drunk‘ law, which increases the punishments for motorists driving with a blood alcohol content of more than .17%.

In addition to the drunk driving arrests, citations and arrests occurred for a variety of other infractions during the same time period. For example, 1,192 citations were issued for speeding, 626 for driving on a suspended license, and 199 seat belt and child safety seat violations.

People convicted of drunk driving in Michigan will face a variety of punishments including up to 93 days in jail, fines and court costs that often exceed $2,700 in addition to attorney’s fees, and potential increases in your insurance rates. There is also the potential for points on your license. Even as a first time offender, a person may be penalized with jail time, a suspended license for up to 30 days and a restricted license for 150 days, and possible community service time.

Driving ‘super drunk’, however, doubles the possible jail time, with a maximum sentence of 180 days. In addition, the time period of license suspension and license restriction can be considerably longer, with periods lasting up to 45 days of a suspended licence and 320 days of a restricted licence.

While The Kronzek Firm attorneys are experts at defending people accused of drunk driving, the best possible advice we can give you is to not drive drunk in the first place.

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