Drunk Driving Isn’t The Worst Thing You Can do on Michigan Roads These Days! (Pt 1)

Texting? No problem. Texting while driving? Turns out it’s a growing problem here in the US.

Drunk driving gets a really bad rap. And no, we’re not trying to say that it’s okay to drive drunk, or that it’s not that bad to get behind the wheel after a few too many. That’s not the case at all. It’s dangerous and far too many people have lost their lives to drunk driving over the years. So in that respect, DUI really does deserve a bad rap. The point we’re trying to make here is simply that there are a LOT of groups and organizations dedicated to combating drunk driving, but too little energy gets devoted to combatting other, equally dangerous driving actions, like distracted driving.

No one’s ever heard of Mother’s Against Distracted Driving!

Here in Michigan there’s a dedicated chapter of the national organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving, push for changes in legislation, and publish scathing reviews of the different states’ efforts to combat DUIs. And then there’s the National Highway Safety Administration who sinks millions of dollars into anti-drunk driving awareness campaigns every year, and bankrolls extensive studies on intoxication and how it affects driver performance.

A lot of money is (rightfully) used to combat drunk driving!

Oh, and don’t forget our own law enforcement agencies that have regular crack downs and host educational outreach programs all over Michigan. It’s a billion dollar industry. And yet, for all the attention directed at drunk drivers, there seems to be far less effort made to address the issue of distracted driving. And if the stats are anything to go by, there should be, as a recent study shows it’s actually more dangerous than drunk driving!

Distracted driving is actually more dangerous than drunk driving, studies say.

According to data from the Michigan State Police, from Grand Rapids to The Thumb, there were 20,115 distracted driving vehicle crashes here in Michigan in 2017. Believe it or not, that’s about twice the number of drunk driving crashes for the same time period. Stats by county show that population plays a large role in it, with the Grand Rapids and Detroit areas showing the highest number of crashes, and the Lansing area coming in as a close third.

Texting while driving is probably the worst!

Although distracted driving could mean anything from trying to put on makeup, talking on your cell, eating, or fiddling with the radio while driving, the most common culprit is texting. Independent studies show that drivers who text behind the wheel have slower response times than drunk drivers, are more likely to drift in and out of their lane, and typically do a worse job than drivers under the influence of weed. So while drunk driving may be very bad, distracted driving is even worse!

Don’t let public sentiment rob you of your future.

Despite the fact that distracted driving is considerably worse than drunk driving, it’s drunk drivers that typically get treated like lepers by society and the court. Which is why, if you’ve been accused of drunk driving, you’re going to need an aggressive defense attorney on your side. Drunk driving tends to get far worse treatment from juries and judges than distracted driving gets, so if that’s what you’re up against, call Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firm at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) and get the right help. Our skilled DUI defense lawyers are standing by, 24/7, to help you. We’ve been helping people for nearly a quarter century.

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