Drunk Driving Right Through Macomb County Storefront

Few store managers would be happy about showing up for work in the morning and finding a car inside the building. Unless you happen to work at a car dealership, that usually means that something pretty awful happened during the night. Which was certainly the case for a drunk driving 28-year-old man from Novi, who apparently ended up with his vehicle inside the Blue Water Marine store in Harrison Charter Township on the 4th of July.

According to the reports of the arresting officer, Macomb County Sheriff’s deputy Anthony Wickersham, it happened like this:  It was about 2 am on Saturday morning, 4th of July, and police all over the state had stepped up their drunk driving patrols for the holiday weekend. Which was why deputy Wickersham was in the right place at the right time to see the 2015 Chrysler 200 completely neglect to stop at a stop sign.

But what made this far more of an issue was the fact that this particular stop sign lay at the intersection of S. River Road and Jefferson Ave. Right where the Blue Water Marine boat engine repair and parts shop was located. And whether or not that was part of his early morning plans, that was exactly where the driver went. Into the store. Right through the front window. Still in his car.

After crawling out of the wreckage, the driver discussed his situation with deputy Wickersham, and admitted to him that he had been drinking at a local bar prior to the crash. He was immediately arrested and taken to the MaComb County Jail.

The Blue Water Marine store was extensively damaged in the accident, but thankfully no one was harmed, including the driver. He was, however, transported directly to jail, where deputies administered a breathalyzer test. The BAC results for two separate tests came back as .16 and .17. the latter of which puts the driver right at the edge of Michigan’s ‘super drunk’ law.

The driver’s name has not been released to the public, but he has been formally charged with a single count of Operating while intoxicated, first offense. Given the circumstances, this is very lucky for the driver, given his BAC results and the amount of damage caused to the storefront. He was released on a $100 bond.

Under Michigan law, a charge of operating while intoxicated, first offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. In addition, you can lose your driver’s license for up to 180 days, and be required to perform up to 360 hours of community service. The gentleman in this case is very lucky if this is his only charge, given the circumstances of his arrest.

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