Drunk Driving and Safety Belts



Seat belts are proven to be the best defense in a crash


Whenever the police in Michigan step up patrols looking for drunk and drugged drivers, the other thing they keep a watchful eye out for is seat belt infractions. In other words, people who aren’t wearing their seat belts. Drunk driving crackdowns are almost always seat belt crackdowns as well. So with that in mind, here are a few things you need to know about seat belts that could save your life. Sober driving isn’t the only way to stay safe on the road – buckling up is equally important!


Safety belt systems have proven over and over in a wide variety of studies to be the most effective type of restraint in a traffic crash. When a car crash happens and the person inside isn’t wearing a seatbelt, there are actually two collisions that take place. The first occurs when the vehicle strikes another object, and the second collision occurs when the unbelted passengers strike different parts of the vehicle’s interior.


Safety devices such as safety belts and airbags help to minimize the effects of this “second collision.” When you think about it, the human body is “soft” compared to the various substances that make up the inside of a car, which can include glass, metal and molded plastic. As a result, the second collision usually produces more injuries and fatalities than the first collision. That’s where your seat belt comes in.


For a sober driver, wearing a safety belt is one of the best defenses against impaired drivers.


Impaired drivers sometimes run stop signs and traffic lights making them more of a danger to sober drivers without seat belts. Also, they are more likely to forget to buckle up. In addition, due to the alcohol or other substances in their systems, they are also more prone to take risks. That means that they might not bother to buckle up even if they remember that they should. Chances are, fewer lives would be lost in drunk driving crashes if all drivers, drunk or sober, remembered to buckle up! The mortality statistics for Michigan don’t lie. Seat belts save lives in the Great Lakes State.


Under Michigan law, all front seat vehicle occupants are required to wear a safety belt. Failure to wear a seatbelt will result in a ticket if a driver is observed behind the wheel without a seat belt. Fines for safety belt violations depend on the jurisdiction in which the offense occurred, and typically range between $50 and $90.


It is also important to note that a police officer doesn’t need any other reason to pull you over if he or she sees you driving without a seatbelt. In Michigan, the safety belt law is a “primary” enforcement law, which means that you could be stopped solely for this reason.


Always use your seat belt!


In addition to advising our readers not to drive under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, the attorneys at The Kronzek Firm remind you all of the importance of using your seatbelts! Remember, taking just a few seconds to buckle up can, best case scenario, save you some money and worst case scenario, save your life!


If however, you made a mistake when it comes to getting behind the wheel after a few too many drinks, or while under the influence of any illicit substances, please contact us immediately at 866-766-5245. The attorneys at The Kronzek Firm are highly skilled and have decades of experience defending against drunk and drugged driving charges. We have helped hundreds of mid-Michigan residents over the years, and we can help you too.


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