Drunken Driver in the Kitchen?

While people are at least nominally aware that while out and about in their cars they are at greater risk of being injured, most people would tell you that the one place they least expect to encounter a drunken driver is inside their own home.

But for one resident of rural Washtenaw County, this was very much the case on Saturday, when a white Dodge Ram pickup truck came barreling through the wall and into the kitchen, driven by a very intoxicated 70-year-old man.

Thankfully, no one was in the kitchen at the time of the accident, or the circumstances could have been far more dire. But the one person who was at home, was upstairs at the time, and is luckily uninjured. But that’s not to say they weren’t stunned speechless, and possibly very frustrated.

Troopers from the Michigan State Police Brighton Post were called to the scene just after noon, where they arrested the intoxicated driver, who apparently had an open container of alcohol in the vehicle with him at the time of the crash.

MSP officers say that the driver was apparently headed east on Burmeister Rd, when he lost control of the vehicle and ended up driving off the left side of the road, crashing through a gate, driving right through the yard, and smashing right through the wall into the kitchen.

But for all of the damage he caused, the driver was only minimally hurt, and was treated on site for minor injuries before being taken to the Washtenaw County Jail, where he awaits arraignment.

No one was harmed in the accident, but the home on Burmeister Road in Bridgewater Township is going to need a lot of work before anyone is likely to cook dinner in that kitchen again.

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