DUI Charges: NOT How You Want to End School Year

School’s almost out! Prom is just around the corner, and summer is stretched before you like a veritable buffet of delights. And you want to enjoy it, not spend it in jail, or doing required community service, or without the freedom of a driver’s license. The best way to avoid this, of course, is to avoid getting arrested on DUI charges.

Police departments around the state have been teaming up with local high schools and other organizations to provide graduating students with all the information they need to make good choices during this end-of-year period.

For example, the Auburn Hills Police Department has joined forces with AAA Insurance and the Avondale High School to allow students an opportunity to try a driving simulator. 70 students were offered the chance to experience drunk driving via the simulator. Participants wore a pair of goggles that simulated a blood alcohol content of .06%-.20%.

At Concord High School, Students Against Destructive Decisions paired up with the local police department to create a mock car accident, simulating what could happen if students drink and drive. Firefighters, police officers and paramedics were present, along with eight students, who all assisted in the recreated scene.

In Flint, Michigan State Police Troopers and local Flint Police officers joined forces to discuss with juniors and seniors some of the pitfalls of prom night at the school’s “Summer for Success” assembly. It was an open discussion in which students were encouraged to ask questions and dialogue with officers.

According to a recent press release put out by the Michigan State Police, Michigan law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from drinking any quantity of alcohol, or even having alcohol in their possession. Students could face charges for either being a minor in possession, or for operating while intoxicated.

The press release also points out a very important and often neglected fact, which is that many good colleges and military recruiters do actually take underaged alcohol related offenses into account when considering applicants.

Here at The Kronzek Firm we wish all of the 2015 graduating class safe and enjoyable end-of-year celebrations, and hope that your summers are successful and remain without DUI charges.

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