Intoxicated Driver Accused of Hitting Pregnant Woman’s Car

Alleged Intoxicated Driver was “Super Drunk”

Intoxicated drivers are not usually viewed in a good light by the general public. That’s because their choice to drink and drive often results in extensive property damage and personal injury. And then they can then be easily vilified by the media. As a result, getting a judge or jury to show lenience or even understanding can be difficult. This problem is only compounded when the victim of a DUI crash is viewed as vulnerable.

For Natasha June Watts, if she in fact drove drunk and hit another vehicle, it’s going to result in problems for her in the future. If convicted, this will be her third drunk driving conviction. And that’s only going to make things worse. But the fact that the alleged victim was a woman who had just found out she was pregnant? Well, that’s likely to be the metaphorical cherry on top of this less-than-lovely cake.

The incident took place at about about 2:30 am in Roseville. A 42-year-old woman from Mt. Clemens was stopped at a red light on northbound Groesbeck when Watts’ car smashed into her from behind.  Accident reconstructionists say that Watts never even braked. She simply drove straight into the woman’s car at what police describe as “a high rate of speed.”

According to the “official” report of what took place, Watts, afraid of what she had done, tried to back up and drive away. But she only succeeded in crashing into the woman’s car a second time. Watts was then finally able to reverse and direct her car away from the scene. But with the extensive damage to her car, Watts didn’t make it far before her car stopped working properly and she had to stop. She was arrested by Roseville Police for driving drunk and causing an injury.

The woman was transported to the hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries. At last report, she was still in the hospital listed in serious condition.  Watts temporary BAC was listed at .23, which is almost three times the legal limit for drivers in Michigan. If this proves true, it means Watts was “super drunk.”

Watts has been charged with a single count of operating while impaired causing serious bodily injury crash, third offense and driving on a suspended, revoked or denied license. Under Michigan law, the first charge is a five-year felony, while driving with a revoked license is a one-year misdemeanor. Her preliminary examination is scheduled for November 4th.

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