Is it Possible to be Drunk When You’re Sober? Apparently, For Some People it is… (Pt 2)

A close up of the clean and shining tanks inside a brewery, where beer is professionally and intentionally brewed.
A person suffering from auto-brewery syndrome is the only person who will ever brew beer accidentally… inside their own body!

Welcome back to this interesting and, let’s be honest, somewhat alarming discussion about “auto-brewery syndrome.” If you recall from the previous article, it’s a medical condition where, courtesy of an imbalance of yeast or bacteria in the digestive tract, a person’s gut produces ethanol from carbohydrates they eat. And since ethanol is what intoxicates you when you drink alcohol, you don’t have to think hard to imagine the results. (That’s right – you end up drunk when you’ve had nothing to drink and should be stonecold sober!)

For many people diagnosed with the condition, it’s a nightmare. Not knowing when you’re going to have a flare-up means starting out an ordinary day, only to discover that halfway to work you’re drunk. Or getting together with friends for a meal and suddenly you’re tripping over your own feet and slurring your words, even though you haven’t had a single alcoholic beverage all night. In other words, suddenly discovering that you’re completely drunk when you should be sober.

There is very little research into this mysterious condition

In her book My Gut Makes Alcohol!: The Science and Stories of Auto-Brewery Syndrome, nurse Susan Cordell shares her experiences with her husband Joe’s auto-brewery syndrome. The vast majority of doctors, she says, have never even heard of the condition. And many refuse to believe it even exists! (You can’t possibly be sober and be drunk at the same time, you must have a secret drinking problem!) But beyond an initial understanding of what the condition is, “we have mountains to scale in order to understand the how and the why of the malady.”

“We all like to believe that science is neat and tidy, and that it has the answers to all our sicknesses.” Cordell explains. “After all, we have nanotechnology, gene therapy, and microsurgery; we’ve solved so many medical mysteries. But the truth is, medical diagnosis and decision-making is still messy and uncertain, the science is incomplete, and not all health providers practice with the same rigor and ethics.”

The risk of DUI arrests is staggering for someone with auto-brewery syndrome

The fact that so many doctors refuse to acknowledge that auto-brewery syndrome even exists, and so little research has been done into the condition, means those who suffer from it are routinely dismissed. Labeled as closet alcoholics and ‘secret drinkers’, they run the risk of being arrested for drunk driving when they’re totally sober and haven’t had a drop to drink. And then, when faced with criminal charges by the state of Michigan, they have no support system in place.

Being convicted of a DUI means potentially losing your job, spending thousands on court costs and criminal lawyers fees, and even spending time behind bars. All for a crime that a person with auto-brewery syndrome never committed. Can you imagine being accused of drunk driving when you were stone-cold sober? It’s got to be heart-breaking to suffer from a condition that you can’t control, can’t even anticipate, and no one will believe you!

This is why you need a DUI defense attorney who thinks creatively!

Being willing to investigate every possible option, including the ones that sound preposterous. Being open-minded about the possibility that you might not have all the answers. Being willing to listen to explanations that might not seem rational at first glance. That’s what makes a great DUI defense attorney. Because thinking outside the box, and approaching the problem from a creative platform – that’s where the real work gets done.

Here at The Kronzek Firm, our very experienced and aggressive DUI defense attorneys understand that there’s often more to the story than meets the eye. We know that each person’s case is different, and each client brings a unique set of needs and circumstances to the table. And we’re prepared to tackle them all. So if you’ve been accused of drunk driving, but there’s more to your story, call 866 766 5245 today, and get the help you need to fight for your future, and your rights. We can be reached 24 / 7 at 866 7NoJail.  

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