Livingston County Child Endangerment and DUI

Livingston County DUI Leads to CPS Involvement

When given an opportunity to speak in court at her sentencing, a very remorseful Tiffany Suzanne Nagel stood before the judge and said that she could hardly believe her own actions. “I’m coming to the point to admit I have a problem,” she told the court, and then added, “I’m an alcoholic. I lost my children, I ruined my marriage. I have no one to blame but myself.”

Nagel, a 28-year-old mother, was arrested by Milford Police after she was seeing speeding, running a red light, and trying to hide from the pursuing officer. According to court records, an officer clocked her doing 93 in a 50 mph zone, and tried to flag her down. But Nagel blew past him without even slowing down. She then proceeded to run a red light in her effort to get away.

She was seen turning into the General Motors Proving Ground, where she parked the car in an effort to lose the pursuing officer. But she was promptly discovered and arrested. In the vehicle with her were her two little children and a Hartland Township man who was wanted on an outstanding warrant.

Unfortunately for Nagel, at the time of her arrest she was on probation for aggravated domestic violence, and attempted resisting of a police officer. She was transported to the Livingston County Jail and charged with several crimes. In Livingston County, Nagel was charged with violating probation, while in Oakland County she was charged with fleeing police, and operating while intoxicated with occupants under the age of 16.

According to Livingston County Assistant Prosecutor Angela Del Vero, Nage lis unlikely to receive a prison sentence in Oakland County, and so the Livingston County court needs to decide what is best for everyone. In essence, what can be done to keep Nagel from repeating her behavior and endangering her children again?

Additionally, it was also mentioned that CPS is currently conducting an abuse/neglect investigation on Nagel for child endangerment, following her drunk driving arrest. Thus far, no information is available about that investigation.

Nagel was sentenced to five months in jail for probation violation, and given credit for 80 days already served. She was also ordered to participate in a residential substance abuse treatment program, in the hopes of addressing her possible alcoholism.

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