Michigan Drivers Are Ranked The Best in The Nation!

In all of the United States, a recent survey proves that Michigan’s drivers are the cream of the crop!

Despite what MADD and other anti-drunk driving advocates may say, the leading cause of death in the United States is NOT drunk driving. It’s actually car crashes, and statistically about 40,000 deaths were expected by the end of 2018 as a result of them. It seems a staggering number, but when you consider the fact that there are 222 million licensed drivers on the road in the U.S. (most of them with phones in easy reach of the steering wheel) it’s a number that grows every year.

America is one of the most dangerous nations to drive in!

Cheap gas, a rising economy, and first world infrastructure, have created an environment where Americans are on the road almost more than any other nation in the world. And some of those drivers are downright dangerous! QuoteWizard Insurance recently did a survey of drivers in the United States, aiming to see which state has the worst drivers, and we were amazed to discover that Michigan came in at the top of the list – not as the worst drivers in the nation, but as the best! Who would have thought that Michigan has the best drivers in the country, right?

Maine has the worst drivers in the nation!

With number one being the state with the worst drivers in the U.S., that dubious position went to the state of Maine (sorry Maine!), followed closely by South Carolina, Nebraska, California, and North Dakota. All the way down at the bottom of the list were Illinois at number 46, then Arizona, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and in the final spot (as the nation’s best drivers) was Michigan!

While Michigan’s drivers are ranked as the best!

Congratulations Great Lakes drivers! With all the bad press Michigan gets about our drunk driving stats and the fact that MADD seems to think that we just aren’t tough enough on people who operate intoxicated, it can be a little depressing to read the news and discover that once again Michigan fell short of everyone’s expectations when it came to our driving habits. (Although our roads are another story entirely!) However this is good news for a change.

This doesn’t reflect the entire truth, though…

When QuoteWizard was gathering their data to assess it and discover the nations best and worst drivers, they only gathered statistics from licensed and insured drivers. So information from any drivers on the roads in the U.S. without insurance weren’t considered in this study. And when you consider the fact that one in five Michigan drivers isn’t insured, it certainly means the resulting data is skewed. (Sorry Michigan!)

Drunk driving is still a problem in Michigan!

Accolades for great driving aside, Michigan is still home to lotsl of people who get behind the wheel after one too many. And if you’ve ever been one of them, you know how expensive and awful the consequences can be. So if we could give you all one piece of advice it would be this: Don’t drink and drive! However, we know mistakes happen. So call our skilled and aggressive DUI defense lawyers at 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) the moment you need help, and we’ll bring our decades of experience to the table in your defense.Hundreds and hundreds of our Michigan clients can tell you that the right attorney is critical.

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