Milford Man Arrested for 3rd DUI

Drunk, Bloodied, and Charged With 3rd DUI

Usually when a police officer notices a car slowing down and speeding up and slipping in and out of their lane at 3 in the morning, they assume that the driver is inebriated. And most of the time, they’re right. What they don’t usually assume is that the driver would be bloody too. (No, we’re not cussing. We mean that quite literally.)

So when the officer in question pulled over the suspected drunk driver, only to discover that his face and hands were bloodied, he was concerned. The drunk driver, a 40-year-old Milford man, claimed that he’d had only one beer. He also explained that the blood was from a cut he had sustained on his girlfriend’s garage door. But there was an awful lot of blood. The officer was worried.

Concerned for the welfare of the man’s girlfriend, the officer phoned the woman from the scene to confirm that she was unharmed. A friend answered the phone and confirmed her well being, but also explained that the blood was from an altercation that had taken place earlier.

The man refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the scene, although the officer claimed that he smelled strongly of alcohol. Later after his arrest, he submitted to a test while at the police station. His BAC was apparently 0.28 %, which is well above Michigan’s legal limit of .08 % and higher even that the state’s “super drunk” limit of 0.17 %.

He was arrested on charges of operating while intoxicated. Because the man has prior drunk driving convictions from 2004 and 2011, this will be a 3rd DUI, which means that the penalties will likely be much stiffer. He was also issued a ticket for his refusal to submit to the Breathalyzer test.

No information is available yet regarding the man’s scheduled court appearances on this 3rd DUI, or details about the altercation that got him so bloodied. Hopefully everyone involved is alright, and this brush with the law offers this man an opportunity to do some thinking about the potential costs of drinking and driving.

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