National Survey: Fewer Teens Drinking and Driving

According to a recently released government survey, fewer teenagers and young adults are driving drunk than in previous years. Which is wonderful news, without a doubt. But while the numbers are down overall, there are still a substantial number of young people making the decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. And everyone is wondering how to stop them.

The survey, which was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), focused on people aged 16 to 20, and dealt with the subject of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drug use. Another issue addressed by the survey was marijuana use among young drivers. This, unfortunately, is a subject where there seems to be little improvement. As of now, about three percent of teens said they had driven while under the influence of marijuana. A number which seems to have remained steady since about 2002.

According to the CDC survey, about seven percent of teens and young adults said they had driven under the influence of alcohol in the last year. And while this is still a significant number of young people putting themselves and others at risk, it is far fewer than in earlier years.

Twelve years ago, statistics showed that about sixteen percent of individuals in this particular demographic had driven drunk. Which goes to show that whatever society is doing to reduce this number, it’s working. So what exactly is it that we’re doing to reduce the number of young adult and teens drinking and driving?

In part, greater efforts are being made in recent years to educate teens about the risks of drunk driving. Campaigns to raise awareness in schools, especially during “risky times” like prom, have made a significant difference. Additionally, zero tolerance laws regarding underaged or teens drinking and driving have helped, as many teens are not willing to risk a stint in jail for an evening of fun.

The survey also revealed that considerably more drunk driving is done by people in their early twenties, which makes sense when you think about the fact that this is a legal drinking age. However, even in this age category, there are signs of reduction in the number of drunk drivers.

The truth is that the risk of car crashes is higher among sixteen to nineteen year olds, than among any other age group. Statistics reveal that teenaged drivers aged sixteen to nineteen are almost three times more likely to be in a fatal crash than drivers aged twenty and older.

In part, says the CDC, this is because teens are less likely to be able to recognize a hazardous situation and respond accordingly. They are also more likely to speed and travel at a closer distance to the vehicles in front of them. In addition, teenaged males are at an even higher risk of accidents, and their presence in a vehicle has been tied to greater instances of risky behavior.

We can only hope that this trend continues in the future, as safer roads and safer youth can only be a good thing. However, if your teenaged son or daughter has made a mistake and driven while under the influence of alcohol, they are going to need an excellent attorney on their side. So call The Kronzek Firm immediately. We have many years of experience defending people against DUI charges, and we can help you.

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