Operating While Intoxicated Conviction Lands Man in Prison

Derick Debord Had 9 Prior Convictions Related to Operating While Intoxicated

When 40-year-old Derick Levon Debord told the court that he is an alcoholic, it probably came as a surprise to no one at all. Especially given his criminal history, which includes nine separate drunk driving incidents.  But one can only wonder how much help he will receive for that particular issue where he is headed.

Although details about the operating while intoxicated incident that led to Debord’s most recent arrest are few and far between, it seems he lost control of his car and hit the curb while driving in Howell. And while he apologized to a woman who was frightened by this when it happened, it seems that no one was actually hurt.

However, Judge Miriam Cavanaugh felt that the fact that “no one was hurt” doesn’t mean Debord should get off with a slap on the wrist. “You have proven time and again that you cannot be supervised,” she said to him. And then went to explain that his actions were a message to the court that he is “the highest risk to the community.”

The judge also pointed out his criminal history, which included twenty-four misdemeanors. In addition, this current offense was his fourth time being convicted for third-offense drunk driving. In total, Debord’s record includes nine convictions related to operating while intoxicated.

As if this didn’t look bad enough, there was the fact that Debord seemed unable to get out from under his criminal activities. For example, he was on probation for a 2013 drunk driving in Wayne County, when he was charged with failure to stop at an injury accident and domestic violence. While on probation for these later charges, he was arrested in Livingston County for the most recent operating while intoxicated offense.

Debord’s defense attorney argued that Debord should only be sentenced at the lower end of the state’s sentencing guidelines. The reason provided was that Debord is “a victim of his alcoholism.”  He needs an opportunity to get his alcoholism under control, his attorney explained. But Judge Cavanaugh didn’t agree.

Debord was sentenced to four to twenty years in prison for the latest operating while intoxicated incident. In addition, he was sentenced to 84 days in the Livingston County Jail for driving on a suspended license. However, in this the Judge showed some leniency, because she sentenced him to time served by giving him credit for the 84 days he had already served in jail.  Small consolation for a man who is now staring at a minimum of four years in prison. 

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