Operating While Intoxicated …In A Stolen Golf Cart?

Usually, when you see someone driving a golf cart around at 8 o’clock in the morning, your first thought tends to be “someones headed off to enjoy an early game of golf!” and not “someone’s had a few too many and now they’re driving around, drunk as a skunk, in a stolen golf cart at 8 am!”

Which just goes to show that most people aren’t terribly attentive.

But Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Ariana Gasca apparently is. Seeing a woman driving a golf cart down Florence Street in the early hours of the morning struck her as a little odd. And so she pulled the woman over, hoping to find out what was really going on.

The 23-year-old driver told the officer that she had been loaned the golf cart by her friend. But according to the paperwork in the vehicle, the cart appeared to belong to a local apartment complex, and so Officer Gasca was a bit skeptical.

A little bit of follow up work, and it was confirmed – the golf cart had been stolen. Also suspecting that the driver may have been imbibing a bit too much, Officer Gasca conducted a roadside sobriety test; proving for the second time in a row that her attention to detail was admirable. The driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated, and unlawfully driving away a vehicle.

However, in addition to the OWI charge and the vehicle theft charge, the driver is facing two additional charges. Namely, driving on a suspended license and obstruction by disguise. And to put the cherry on top, she also had two outstanding warrants against her.

As of now, the woman’s identity has not yet been revealed, however, after a formal arraignment, the police will release her name to the public.

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