Refusal to Submit to BAC Test

An intoxicated driver who was arrested recently for drunk driving, apparently decided that he didn’t want to submit to a blood alcohol content test (BAC test). In a big way. In fact, he was so strenuously against the BAC test, that the arresting officers had to call for backup just to get him into the clinic. And once inside, he worked hard to make sure that everyone involved knew exactly how he felt about getting a BAC test.

According to records from the Plymouth Township Police Department, the man was driving on Ann Arbor road just after 8 in the evening when he was pulled over. An officer claimed to have seen his Mercury Marquis swerving inside his lane, and driving with the wheels on the dividing marker between lanes.

Once the officer had pulled him over, it was discovered that the driver didn’t have a valid driver’s license, as it had been revoked. In addition, the officer noticed that the man smelled of alcohol and that his eyes appeared bloodshot. The officer administered roadside sobriety tests, but when the driver refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test, the officer attempted to take him to a local clinic for the blood work required in a BAC test.

The man was transported to the clinic, but told the officers that he would not be cooperating while there. And he held true to his word. The two Plymouth Township officers had to send for help, in the form of additional officers from Canton Township, just to hold the man still.

During the blood draw, he used racial slurs to refer to the clinic technician. The technician was able to get a full two vials of blood for the BAC test before the man attempted to fall out of the wheelchair that the officers had him sitting in. An officer caught him before he hit the floor, but he is said to have tried unsuccessfully two more times to fall out of the wheelchair. He then refused to straighten his legs.

Officers were finally able to walk the man out of the clinic and back to the patrol car. He was taken to jail where he was held until he was sober, and then released pending the results of the tests. The blood was submitted to the MSP lab for analysis.

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