St. Clair County “Super Drunk” Driving

Elected Official Pleads Guilty to Super Drunk driving

Kelly Fiscelli, the top elected official from Cottrellville Township in St. Clair County is looking at possible jail time, among other punishments, after pleading guilty to drunk driving.

Drunk drivers often elicit anger and disappointment from their communities. But when the inebriated person behind the wheel is someone in a position of power, like a police officer, a priest or an elected official, people tend to become far more outraged.

Now consider the accused. Knowing that the entire community, perhaps the entire state is reading about the details of their poor choice. The media will capitalize on every juicy detail, and their name will be smeared with this one incident for the rest of their lives. It is a harsh realization, and very humiliating.

This is certainly the case for Fiscelli, who wrote a letter to the judge in which she stated, “I am very ashamed and disappointed in myself. I am asking the court for the opportunity to prove my remorse and change my behavior.”

Fiscelli also stated that in response to the incident, she has enrolled in outpatient counseling at the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center. In addition, she has joined two local Alcoholic Anonymous groups provided by a church in her community.

Fiscelli was arrested by Clay Township Police shortly after midnight in early February following a township board meeting that she chaired. She was seen driving erratically while headed home. According to the arresting officer, her BAC at the time of arrest was .23, and when taken again later at the jail, was .28.

She was charged with a single count of operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of .17 or more, which is “super drunk driving” under Michigan’s DUI laws. As a result, there is a good chance that she could face much stiffer penalties at the sentencing.

Fiscelli is scheduled for sentencing before Judge Cynthia Platzer in Marine City’s 72nd District Court on April 27th at 1 pm. We wish her all the best, and hope that this incident will be a turning point for her, and will lead to a safer and healthier future.

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