State Rep Arrested in Clinton County

Michigan has certainly had it’s fair share of scandal in the political circles this year. Between the Courser-Gamrat sex and blackmail scandal, and the Congressman’s aide who attacked his lover with a knife, the Mitten State’s political climate has been somewhat, shall we say, outrageous. And so compared to all of that, Michigan state Representative John Kivela’s arrest for drunk driving hasn’t really made waves.

According to media sources, 46-year-old Kivela was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol late on Monday night, November 9th, while driving near Lansing. Almost no details about the arrest have been released. The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department initially wasn’t even willing to confirm that an arrest had even taken place.

However, jail records show that Kivela did indeed spend some time in the Clinton County Jail. Clinton County Sheriff’s Department Officer Derek Koenigsknecht has confirmed the information. Kivela was apparently arrested at about 10 pm on Monday evening. He was then released the following day at about 9 am.

The following day, a statement released on Kivela’s behalf by Grassroots Midwest, admitted that Kivela had been arrested for drunk driving the night before. The statement included a formal apology to his wife and family, and also to his constituents and supporters. Kivela had this to say about his personal struggle with alcohol abuse. “I have battled with alcoholism for most of my adult life. My dependence on alcohol has become a problem, and I plan to seek treatment immediately.”

Under Michigan law, operating while intoxicated, first offense, is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days in jail, fines of up to $500, and a possible license suspension lasting up to 6 months. If this is Kivela’s first DUI, it is not unlikely that he will get little to no jail time. Instead, he would likely be placed on probation, and required to perform community service.

Kivela’s arraignment is scheduled to happen on November 19th in the 65th District Court in Clinton County.

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