Suspected Drunk Driver Hits MSP Patrol Car

Police officers do not take kindly to people who break the law. But they have even less affection for those who assault them, steal their possessions, and damage their property. Which is why the suspected drunk driver who slammed into the back of a Michigan State Patrol car is likely to face an uphill legal battle, to say the least.

The incident took place on Sunday, November 8th, in the early hours of the morning, on I-696. Two MSP troopers were apparently just finishing with a traffic stop that they had conducted, and had just gotten back into their patrol car to leave the area, when they were struck from behind.

The vehicle that struck them was a jaguar, driven by a 33-year-old Farmington Hills resident. The impact was enough to do significant damage to the back of the patrol car, and cause injuries to both troopers. The troopers were hospitalized, treated for their injuries which were actually quite minor in the end, and have already been released.

The driver who hit them was subjected to a number of sobriety tests to determine the level of intoxication, and then arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol. According to sources, the driver, who is currently in jail, is thought to have drifted out of the lane while driving and struck the patrol car by accident.

No information is available about the identity of the driver, or the specifics of the charges this person is facing. We also have no idea whether this is a first offense, or if the suspected drunk driver has a criminal history involving DUI convictions.

Currently the MSP website is using the photograph of the damaged patrol car as a visual reminder to drivers that the law requires them to give all emergency vehicles a wide berth. Michigan law states that all drivers must move over into the next lane when passing police, fire, ambulance, rescue, road service and wrecker vehicles, in order to give them enough space to perform their duties safely.

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