Suspected Drunk Driver Hits Utility Pole

More than 700 Battle Creek Homes Lose Power

Usually, when people lose power in communities around Michigan, it’s the result of inclement weather. High winds, heavy rain or snow, and falling branches are the usual culprits. It is very rare that the cause is a single person. And even less likely that it was entirely unintentional. But that was exactly what happened in Battle Creek, early on Sunday morning…

A driver, who responding officers suspect was drinking and driving, drove off the road at the East Michigan Ave. and Gilbert Street intersection, and slammed into a utility pole which was supporting power lines that provided electricity to a substantial quantity of people in the area.

A neighbor living nearby heard the crash and came out to see what was going on. Noticing the crumpled car at the base of the pole, and the severely bloodied occupants of the vehicle, he hurried to call 911 and report the accident.

Police arrived, along with emergency rescue personnel, who worked to remove the driver – an adult male whose name has not been released – and a single passenger from the vehicle using hydraulic tools. They were both taken to a local hospital to be treated for their injuries, although the nature and extent of their wounds has not been disclosed by police.

Derrick McDaniel, another neighbor who lives in the community affected by the accident, says that he woke up because, “..I didn’t hear my fans anymore. So, sure enough we were out of power.” But as it turns out, it wasn’t an isolated problem. Over seven hundred people in the Battle Creek and Emmett Township area had lost power to their homes that morning, making up almost the entire east side of the city.

McDaniels expressed his frustration at the effects of the suspected drunk driver’s collision. “People out of power for hours!” he exclaimed. But as he pointed out during his discussion with media about the events, while it was both inconvenient and selfish, it was a good example of the very real dangers of drinking and driving.

Repair crews worked for six hours to restore power to the neighborhoods affected by the crash. No word has been provided as to the medical status of the driver, or his passenger, who were hurt in the accident, or regarding what charges may be brought against him.

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