Think a DUI in Michigan is Just a Slap on The Wrist? Think Again!

Think you’re broke now? Just wait till you get pulled over for a DUI!


Some people think drinking and driving is a “slap on the wrist” crime – much like a speeding ticket. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! Drinking and driving is a very serious crime here in Michigan. And not just serious, but expensive too! Here in the Great Lakes State, aDUI will cost you big bucks. But many people simply don’t understand the costs involved. So let’s take a look at what’s involved.


Drunk driving is big money – for you!


When it comes to a drunk driving arrest, there is a lot more involved that you may realize. The cost to the driver, even if there is no collision and no one is hurt, can actually be huge. However, many people don’t consider the full financial ramifications of being arrested for drunk driving. For starters, there’s the time you spend in jail and in court. That can result in missed work hours and lost income.


Then there’s your court fees, your court-ordered fines, the cost of reinstating your license, and also the cost of paying for the inevitable court-ordered substance abuse evaluation and alcohol classes. There are probation oversight fees. Oh, and the ignition interlock system that the judge may decide you need, which you also have to pay for. And don’t forget your attorney fees. Thought you might save yourself a few bucks by not hiring a defense attorney and letting the court assign you a public defender? Bad idea!


Of course, all of this is based on the assumption that you just got pulled over, and didn’t actually hit something with your car. Because if you did, a collision ups the stakes considerably. Think about it. There’s the cost of the damage to your vehicle, which can end up in the thousands, especially if you don’t have full coverage. If you do have full coverage, you’re stuck with the insurance deductible. You might also need some alternate means of transportation when the Michigan Secretary of State begins your driver license suspension or revocation.


And then there are all those other costs you didn’t think about…


While Michigan is a no-fault insurance state, which means that your insurance will normally not have to cover the cost of damages to the other person’s car, it may not have been another car that you hit. Many drunk drivers damaged property owned by a city or township, or by other people or businesses. That can mean increased fines. Oh wait, did your car get impounded after the crash? Got to pay to get it out.


Don’t go now, we’re not done yet! Did you forget bail? Because that’s not cheap! Don’t want to spend the money posting bail? No problem, but if you don’t post bail you sit in jail, which could cost you your job. Later on, once you’re out, there’ll be even more lost income when you have to take more time off for court dates and community service. Do you suddenly feel the urge to cling to your wallet and cry? Sorry, but we’re not done yet…


Another fact that many people don’t realize is that, on average, the car insurance premium increases after a DUI tend to go up about 94.13%. And that’s just the national average. As it turns out, Michigan is right up there near the top of the list, having some of the highest hikes in insurance rates across the nation.


Getting a DUI is very serious, and very expensive!


The reality is that a DUI in Michigan is going to cost you many thousands of dollars. So if we can give any advice at this point, it would be that you spend the extra twenty bucks on a cab or an Uber ride – it may seem like money wasted now, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what you will have to fork out if you get pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.


Plan ahead, make smart choices, and be safe. If however, you’re dealing with the results of a judgement error, or are suffering from a single bad decision, call us immediately. The criminal  defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm are knowledgeable in handling hundreds of drunk driving cases, and we have years of experience successfully defending clients. Call us today at 866-766-5245 (866 7No Jail). We can help you.


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