Two Pints of Vodka and Stolen Vehicle Results in Felony Charges

There is an old saying that goes: “With friends like you, who needs enemies”, and it may well reflect the feelings of Edward Roskiewicz, whose truck was stolen by a friend of his girlfriend, who then proceeded to crash it into another vehicle, flee the county in it, and finally roll it over on the highway.

34-year-old Shynell D. Curry was very, very drunk on the afternoon of August 22nd when she arrived at her friend’s boyfriend’s home and demanded that he give her a ride to Saginaw. Which may have been why she thought it was a good idea to steal his truck keys and make a break for it when he refused.

What is interesting is that when you look at the many charges that Curry is now facing, and even if you include the ones that the prosecution agreed to dismiss in exchange for her plea, no where in that list is ‘operating while intoxicated’ even mentioned.

And yet, in her interview with police two days after the incident, Curry claimed to recall almost none of the events that had landed her in hospital that afternoon. What she did remember, however, was the two pints of vodka she drank first.

Curry, whose trial was scheduled to begin on the 18th of November, chose instead to plead guilty to charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, and unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle, both of which are felonies.

In return the prosecution was willing to dismiss single counts of failure to stop at an accident, and failure to stop at a property damage accident, along with a second count of unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle.

The series of events that led to this laundry list of charges, started with that two pints of vodka and the theft of Roskiewicz’s truck, but went on to include an almost immediate hit and run accident at the intersection of West Jenny and South Raymond streets, which is just down the road from Roskiewicz’s home.

Following the first hit and run, Curry made it all the way into the next county where she again collided with another car on I-75, which had caused her to lose control of the stolen vehicle and end up in a ditch on the side of the road.

Curry, who has a substantial record of driving infractions with eight prior driver’s license suspensions to date, is extremely lucky to have avoided a drunk driving charge. Although by the looks of things, she is still going to spend some time behind bars in the near future for her vodka-assisted choices that night.

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