Will I be Put on Probation After a Drunk Driving Arrest in Michigan?

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Always drink responsibly, because being arrested for a DUI means life changing charges and restrictions, especially in the form of probation!

Being arrested for drunk driving in Michigan can mean a lot of inconvenience and very high costs. And we don’t just mean financial, although you’ll definitely have enough of those as well! (DUIs are expensive when you consider all the court costs, fines, and lawyer’s fees!) But it’s the long term consequences we tend to get the most questions about. Things like “Will I go to jail because of a DUI?” and “Will I be put on probation after a DUI arrest?” So we thought we’d address one of the more common ones – the issue of probation.

Most people arrested in Michigan for DUIs end up on probation.

Although many people think of probation as an alternative to jail (which is can be), many judges hand out probation in addition to jail sentences in Michigan. And in the case of a DUI, it’s actually very common to end up with both some jail time and probation. Unless of course your DUI conviction was a very serious one, in which case you’re looking at potential prison time and parole! But for many people, probation is a very real possibility. So let’s take a look at what that means.

Probation can last up to 5 years for felony drunk driving, and comes with many conditions.

When a judge puts you on probation, they usually assign you a whole bunch of conditions that you have to stick to or you’ll be in violation of probation (which is no joke!). Here are examples of some of the more common DUI probation conditions:

  • You may not violate any other laws, or get into trouble with the cops for any reason, including reasons that have nothing to do with drunk driving.
  • You can’t leave the state of Michigan for any reason without the written permission of the court, or the Probation Department.
  • You have to report to your probation officer on a schedule that they decide on.
  • You have to serve any and all ordered jail time.
  • You will have to pay any and all court costs, fines, fees and court-ordered restitution.
  • You may have to attend counselling or a substance abuse treatment program
  • You might be ordered to perform community service, or participate in some kind of community work program
  • You might be required to attend AA meetings
  • You will not be allowed to own or possess a weapon

You may also lose your license, or have license restrictions

In Michigan, when you get convicted of a DUI, one of the more common consequences is to have your license suspended, revoked, or restricted. It can be very frustrating, because it means that for months, if not a full year or more, you can’t drive any vehicle for any reason. Driver’s license restrictions are generated automatically by the Secretary of State, which means it doesn’t matter who you are, your driver’s license sanctions will be the same as everybody else’s. And while you can sometimes ask the court for a restricted license, which lets you go back and forth to and from work, there’s no guarantee you’ll get one.

Avoid probation by avoiding a DUI conviction!

As we’ve mentioned before, the best way to avoid all these restrictions and limitations, is to avoid being convicted of drunk driving in the first place! And how do you avoid a DUI conviction? You hire the best DUI defense attorneys available in the lower peninsula. Attorneys with decades of experience fighting DUI charges, and a long history of victories and successful outcomes in court. So if you need help fighting a DUI charge, call The Kronzek Firm right now at 866 766 5245 and make sure you have the right help, to achieve the right outcome.

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