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Can You Really Fool The Breath Test Machine by Putting a Penny in Your Mouth?

You’ve probably heard a whole boatload of weird urban legends in your time about how to avoid a DUI arrest. Things like carrying mouthwash in your car and using some right before the officer walks up to your window (doesn’t

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How Michigan’s Ongoing ‘Breathalyzer Fraud’ Investigation Affects You!

The Michigan State Police are currently investigating the third party vendor (Intoximeters) responsible for servicing and maintaining the 203 DataMaster DMT machines in use across the state of Michigan. DataMaster DMTs are the type of machine Michigan law enforcement uses

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Drugged Driving Can Include Driving Under The Influence of Legal Painkillers as Well!

When people hear about someone being charged with drugged driving, they usually assume that the driver facing charges were high on heroin, cocaine, meth, or some other illegal substance. (And then there’s weed, which is legal to use recreationally in

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