Arrested After Wrong Way Chase on I-96

Arresting Officer Says Driver Was Intoxicated

Michigan State Police recently arrested a suspected drunk driver in Blackman Township who was not only accused of drinking and driving, but also gave the arresting officer a serious run for his money. It all started this way…

A Be-On-The-Lookout report (BOLO) was issued to all officers in the area at about two in the morning, regarding a 2003 Ford Ranger. The vehicle was apparently traveling in the wrong direction on Westbound I-96, and had been seen and reported by a civilian.

The truck was finally found, traveling near Airport road. But when the officer attempted to pull the driver over, he decided not to comply. Instead the driver fled the area. Interestingly enough, the chase never reached dangerously high speeds, as many of them do. The driver never exceeded 55 miles per hour, and the trooper was finally able to make a traffic stop near the on ramp for US-127.

The driver was discovered to be a 60-year-old resident of Romulus. According to the arresting officer, the man was intoxicated. But that wasn’t the only issue. In addition to the fact that he may have been drunk, the arresting officer found that the vehicle’s license plate was also expired.

The driver was arrested and transported to the Jackson County Jail. He was charged with drunk driving, expired plates, and fleeing and eluding. One thing to be grateful for, however, is that there was no collision in this incident, and no one was harmed.

Our best advice to clients?

  • Don’t drive if you have been drinking
  • Don’t try to outrun the police, you will probably add some felonies to your list of charges.
  • Hire the best attorney you can to help you

Call 1-866-7NO-JAIL (1-866-766-5245) or e-mail.  We can help you through this.

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