Police Waiting on BAC Results

Subpoena Needed to get BAC Results after Accident

Just a few days ago, Van Buren County Sheriff’s Detectives were called to the scene of a single vehicle collision in Keeler Township. A concerned citizen noticed a black 1999 Ford Explorer crumpled against some trees next to the road at about 9:30 at night, and contacted 911 to report the crash.


The deputies arrived on the scene to discover a 44-year-old man unresponsive behind the wheel, with laceration injuries to his hands, face and head from broken glass. But that wasn’t the only discovery they made. According to the deputies on the scene, there were a total of 24 empty beer cans inside the vehicle as well. In addition, the deputies said that the man smelled strongly of alcohol.


Apparently the vehicle was so badly damaged, that the man, who as it turns out is a resident of Missouri, had to be extricated from his vehicle by personnel from the fire department. He was then treated right on site by EMTs, and later transported to the hospital.


Whether the man was unresponsive because of the crash, or because of alcohol consumption, the deputies weren’t certain. He was transported to Lakeland Hospital in St. Joseph to have his injuries addressed, but that wasn’t the only thing that the deputies were hoping would come of the hospital visit. They have also requested a subpoena of the man’s BAC results (blood alcohol content.)


According to the deputies who investigated the crash, the vehicle was traveling east on County Road 352, also known as Territorial Road West, when it left the road. As of yet, no information has been released regarding why the driver lost control of the vehicle, only that the left side of the Explorer sustained the most damage during the collision.


Once the Sheriff’s Department has received the blood work, and know exactly what the man’s BAC was, they will turn their report over to the prosecutor. According to the deputies on scene, depending on the status of another possible out-of-state DUI charge, they will be requesting either a straightforward OWI charge, a charge of OWI second offense, or a “super drunk” charge. Additionally, they expect to seek a charge of driving without a license.



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