Clinton Township Sobriety Court Receives Grant

Soon the Sobriety Court at 41B District Court will be able to double its capacity and greatly increase services thanks to a substantial federal grant.

Created in 2011, the sobriety court provides a different route to resolve criminal cases. This is achieved through intensive drug treatment within the county. Right now the program has 32 defendants involved which will increase to 65 with the additional funding.

Through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the court will receive roughly $311,000 every year for the next 3 years. This federal grant will effectively triple the court’s annual budget.

One court coordinator, Kara Jacquemain, stated these types of grants are not easy to obtain so the court is very glad to receive the funds. She believes this will greatly improve the programs and allow more people to helped. Right now the sobriety court team is all volunteer-based; however, the new funds will allow some defense attorneys to collect minimal fees for their contributions. In addition, treatment services like counseling, drug testing, and out-patient treatment will be enhanced. Court officials will also be allowed to provide recovering addicts with Vivitrol, a drug that helps eliminate cravings for opiates like heroin or alcohol.

Some new options will be started with this funding. This includes in-patient treatment that typically runs for 21 days and also employment and life-skills classes to help defendants get their lives back on track.

Also, alternative treatments like acupuncture will be available as well as up to $500.00 in cash for medical or dental emergencies.

For the first year, the grant is $284,000. The second and third years jump to $325,000 and $324,000 respectively. The court needs to reapply after the first year but court officials expect the grants will be approved.

Sobriety Court provides options for people who are struggling to cope with their addictions and are looking for some relief. As this option gains in popularity, other courts may decide to follow suit and create sobriety courts of their own.

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